What are the differences?

If you are considering to purchase a 4 bedroom unit at Westwood Residences, you would have realised that there are mainly 2 types of layout available. You can choose from either a 4 Bedroom or a 4 Bedroom Premium layout. Other than the obvious fact that the 4 Bedroom Premium has a larger size compared to the 4 Bedroom unit, do you know what are the 5 other differences between the two?

Comparison - 4 Bedroom

Comparison - 4BR Premium

A closer look at what differentiates 4BR from 4BR Premium

1 Orientation of the Kitchen

The 4 Bedroom Premium layout has its kitchen facing the living room instead of main door. If fengshui is a big part of your consideration, this is definitely a detail you can't miss.

2 Location of Laundry / Yard

In the 4 Bedroom layout, the Laundry and Yard area is accessed via the kitchen; while the entrance to the Laundry and Yard area is located along the hallway in a 4 Bedroom Premium unit.

Home Shelter (HS)

The Home Shelter is commonly known as the Bomb Shelter or the Storeroom.
This is located in the Laundry and Yard area through the Kitchen in the 4 Bedroom layout, also in Laundry and Yard area along the hallway in the 4 Bedroom Premium layout.

4 Junior Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2 of the 4 Bedroom Premium unit and Bedroom 4 of the 4 Bedroom unit are commonly called the 'Junior Master Bedroom' because it has the common bathroom (i.e. Bath 2) attached to it.
Note that the Junior Master Bedroom is situated at different sides of the hallway in the two layouts.
In the 4 Bedroom layout, the Junior Master Bedroom is shorter compared to its 4 Bedroom Premium counterpart and shorter than the other 2 common bedrooms; whereas all the common bedrooms in the 4 Bedroom Premium unit have the same dimensions.

Additional Storage Area (DB/ST)

Walking pass the common walkway in the house, you will find enclosed additional storage area with installed distribution board. This additional area allows you to store small items that you require on a frequent basis such as a broom.